Fantasy and Prediction League tables - Game week 17

Goedenavond iedereen, which is of course good afternoon everyone in Dutch, in honour of our latest first team addition who you can read all about in the previous thread.

Hope you are all well and remembering to get your fantasy and prediction choices in each week because as we move through game week 17 things are hotting up. I can't keep track of all the changes but there have been many movers and shakers over the last few fixtures. Honourable mentions to humbly include myself and Ilija for correctly predicting our 0-4 drubbing of Bournemouth and a similarly well predicted 3-1 scoreline by Stu for a game in which I'm struggling to recall who we beat. Don't think it was anyone of note though, probably just one of the many boring mid-table bus parkers.

Many folks have also been playing a blinder in our recently added bonus point section of the prediction game, not least of which DaBandit who is kindly running it for us. Other notable players this game week include JesusWept, Omre, Romper, Stuart and Gregsta who all scored bonus points. Ultimately though there has been no change at the top in any of our games with DaBandit, Romper and Tartan remaining head honchos.

Here are the updated tables which include all points from the Bournemouth, Napoli and United fixtures. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes and as always - good luck for the next round!

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