Fantasy and Prediction League tables - Game week 15

Blimey things are flying by now, as the games whiz by in the blink of an eye so too has the Fantasy Football and Prediction League but fear not! We at The Liver Bird Nest have not forgotten or neglected our football based gaming duties and so here is a belated update on how things currently stand.


Well played to DaBandit, Romper and Tartan360 - all flying high and setting a target for the rest of us to try and catch, with twenty three EPL games left to play, can we do it...?

Thanks as ever to DaBandit for his great work running the bonus point section - all of which is included in the above Prediction League points update and if anyone spots any errors then please let us know.

Really good games these and as we move into the second half of the season they will surely hot up further as people strive to be the one to win the vat of Nivea man product which i will attempt to procure for us.

Well played all and good luck for the next round!
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