Can Liverpool Win The Dog Damn League?

Can LFC win the 2018/19 Premier League?

Of course we can.

The general consensus seems to be that City are the better team, have a better squad and that this will tell over the entire season. This view is epitomised by Robbie Savage who says give City the title now. Clearly this is nonsense as City are far from running away with the League as they were this time last year and the real pressure is yet to come.


Also, as we are top of the league as we approach the mid point of the season we have already shown that the theoretical superiority is not necessarily coming through in the results. I agree though that on paper they have a superior team but that is based on what they have achieved in the past and how they can play at their best. I would contend though that there is more development to come from Liverpool and we are already keeping pace without that extra development which will hopefully come through during the remainder of the season.

This Liverpool team has an attack that is second to none in Europe let alone in the EPL and that has been further strengthened by the addition of Shaqiri. The Defence has been hugely strengthened by the addition of Alisson and VVD such that we can usually afford to play an up and coming young Gomez and leave "The Best Centre Back in the Whole Wide World" on the bench as back up. The big remaining weakness then according to our detractors and even most of our supporters is our midfield.

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Let's examine that so called weakness now and going forward.  For some reason the criticism seems to focus mainly on Henderson, Lallana and Gini in that order. However they are all Internationals and have all played their part over the past couple of years in getting Liverpool to where they are now. They perhaps lack a little creativity but I would contend that the creativity can be left to the front 3 (or 4) and what those midfielders provide is a stable base perhaps without being eye catching or especially productive on the goal scoring front.

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People often quote stats to criticise them but a player can just by positioning themselves correctly restrict the opposition's options and force them into an error or over ambitious pass that gives us possession. That immediately takes away the threat on our goal and at the same time gives us an opportunity to attack on the break and yet it would not be shown in the stats as a positive contribution.

Another criticism is the sidewards or backwards pass when there are more attacking options but again it is perhaps better to retain possession by taking a safer option. Plus a "safe" pass can even change the point of attack and free up other players to receive a pass. Again the player making the safe pass or just retaining possession and making a pass that links the play together might not look as dynamic or get the assist but is just as integral to the move and ultimately winning the match. The other nonsense is that given the fine margins in the PL we could be top whilst carrying one if not two passengers in midfield which is what some people seem to be suggesting. (Not really but I have to try to stir up a bit of controversy somehow ;-))


Now coming onto the midfield future. We have Fabinho and Keita who have the potential to further improve the midfield respectively in defence and in attack. If they do go on to become fixtures in the team and improve the midfield I see no reason why we cannot go up another notch and be at least the equal of City and even superior to them.

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As their last match against Chelsea showed City can sometimes struggle  to get the goals their offensive play possibly deserves especially when Aguero is missing and they have to rely on Sterling and Jesus as a cutting edge. Neither of whom are natural goal scorers.

To sum up this really could be our year to win the Dog damned League!

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