Burnley v Liverpool

Now we play Burnley which is David Cameron's  favourite team on a rotating basis with Aston Villa and West Aaaaam. Though the nurses tending to David Cameron (doffs cap respectfully) have reported a reaction too whenever Crystal Palace appear on the TV


In 1882 Burnley Rovers switched their allegiance from Rugby Union to football. Fast forward to 2018 and Manchester United are going the other way.

Burnley have played at the same ground Turf Moor since 1883 which is a record. Their Nickname is "the Clarets" and their Mascot is Bertie Bee. He was once "sent off" for offering the assistant referee a pair of specs (some people don't want to be helped) which makes him my favourite mascot so far.


The Shankly quotes in the last match thread were well received so I thought I would slip one in here (steady Jay)

On being told he had never played in a Merseyside Derby he said "nonsense I've kicked every ball and headed out every cross. I once scored a hat trick, One of them was lucky but the other two were great goals" I am sure we can all relate to that especially after Sunday.

Another? Ok "If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing"  He was always first. Rumour has it that if he played in a five a side game in training they had to play on until his side won. ;-)

The big question is will Klopp risk making changes for the trip to Burnley?. I think he might well bring in Lovren again and possibly Keita. Origi might even get a start but will he bring back Hendo too?

Bonus PL questions:
1. First goal scorer (either team) for 1pt
2. LFC player with the highest passing accuracy % (min 60 minutes) for 1 pt
3. The bieb’s MOTM for 1pt.
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