Burnley v Liverpool: huge injury worries & time to rest Firmino?

How will Liverpool line up against Burnley and what will the result be?

I like Sean Dyche and what he's done at Burnley and must admit I'd rather they weren't sitting in the relegation zone. I hope they stay up this season as I believe on the back of recent season's hard work and good performances they deserve to.

After tomorrow night's loss to us, Burnley will have twenty three games to turn things around and do just that. Make no mistake though we will be dishing out a ruthlessly efficient shellacking but despite Burnley's lowly league standing, in order to do so we must maintain full focus, energy and intent.

So, how will that shellacking shape up? well with two major injury concerns (Mane cut foot and Robertson dead leg) who the blooming heck knows but that's not going to stop me from guessing and nor should it stop you.

Henderson's available again after his red card related suspension and surely Keita has to start a game at some stage. Firmino didn't look at all comfortable in the derby game just gone and none of our regular attackers managed to get on the score sheet. With those things in mind, I have a feeling that injuries permitting, we'll return to the 4-3-3 and likely see the following line-up.


We could though decide to rest an under performing Firmino and with fixtures now coming thick and fast it may be prudent to do so. In fact there's a very real possibility that we'll rest a few of our main starting eleven and with players like Milner, Origi and Sturridge to call on we should still be able to comfortably beat Burnley if we do.

Post your thoughts please peoples. We know Jurgen is an avid reader of The Liver Bird Nest and it may well be helpful to him to have some suggestions. On that note, I firmly believe we should adopt the following tactics for our trip to Turf Moor and trust Jurgen will find my graphic useful. Please do chip in with your ideas on tactics as well though because it will be handy for him to have a back up plan.

(Before someone points out that my tactics only involve nine of our players - that is intentional and all part of a cunning plan. The other two players are playing very deep lying roles. So deep in fact that for large parts of the game they're not even on the pitch. This enables us to rest more players than would otherwise be the case.)
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