Watford v Liverpool

We are now away to Watford or the Hornets as they are known with their mascot Harry. He is the one with confused look if that helps any.

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Watford were formed in 1898 by the amalgamation of West Herts and Watford St Mary's and after many different homes settled at Vicarage road in 1922 where they remain to this day. Elton John was their Chairman for many years and he remains their number one celebrity fan.


Anyone who suggests that this picture could have made it into the previous match thread showing pictures of poorly executed and half melted statues is being very unkind and should be ashamed of themselves.

There is a gulf in class between ourselves and Watford and this fact has spawned the well known phrase "the Watford gap". Though others will tell you the Watford gap is really a low lying piece of land just beyond Watford which has long been considered the point at which you leave the civilised South for the savage lands of the north.......

These are the sort of games we need to win if we are going to mount a serious challenge to City. We need to control the game and take our chances so that opposition teams in future are more wary of us and they are mentally on the back foot.

As we have said our forward line needs to step up a bit and Klopp needs to find a place for the Shaq but I think he will start with his favoured front three and a more defensive midfield three from Milner, Fab, Gini, Henderson and Keita. If I had to guess, with Hendo injured, I would say Milner, Gini and Keita.


Prediction League Bonus questions:

1. 1st goal scorer (either team) 1 point
2. Time of the 1st LFC sub (+/- 3 minutes) for 1pt
3. The bieb’s MOTM for 1 pt
New post-international break bonus question (must have question 2 correct to be eligible)
4. 1 bonus point for naming the LFC player brought on for 1st sub

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