Red Star Belgrade v Liverpool

Apologies in advance to Greg, Jock, the entire Scottish Nation and especially Ilija. I only do it cos I know you can take it (hopefully) ;-)

Our next match is away to Red Star Belgrade in the CL. So I thought I would do some research to find out if Liverpool has ever played a European match against Red Star Belgrade before. After many hours of searching through dusty old records in the vast Liver Bird Nest archives I came across a match report and some grainy photographs from a game between the two sides held at Anfield on 24th October 2018. I understand we won 4-0 back then and I see no reason at all why this result should not be repeated once again on Tuesday.


I then had a quick look on Wiki and found we also played a two legged European cup tie against them in 1973. Strangely, the records seem to show we lost both legs 2-1. I have my doubts about the voracity of these reports and fear Wiki may well have been hacked by Russian bots. (see picture) Either that or there was a mistranslation from the old English of the time into modern day Amerenglish. The fact is this was 1973 or some 45 years ago, way before most of us were even born (cough), the year Greg turned 40 and a time when Scotland still harboured some hopes of qualifying for European Championships and the like. Yes a very, very, long time ago indeed. 

In view of these historic links between the two sides, the Liver Bird Nest site moderators felt that we should send a special envoy to the match; an emissary if you like. But who to send on such a sensitive diplomatic mission? (No not Boris Johnson) We needed someone who could represent us with great skill and dignity. A sober and upright citizen well versed in the art of diplomacy and able to communicate with strange people from another land. This was not a job for a boy. It was a job for a "Colossus" of a man and there was only one person who fitted the bill. Yes I am sure you all know to whom I am referring.


Unfortunately, Mr Bean was unavailable and so we had to settle instead for Ilija. Any suggestion though that he was the cheapest option and already had a ticket for the match or that we could more easily bear the loss if he did get completely bladdered and went missing for a couple of weeks is strenuously denied. Remember our solicitors are watching and when, as expected, they are released on parole they will come after anyone spreading such hurtful and frankly preposterous lies ;-)

As for the match it is a must win and even then qualification will require at least one special performance against either PSG or Napoli. I am really not sure what result to hope for in the other match. Both teams could still overtake us regardless of their result.

PL Bonus Questions
1. LFC's Result (Win, Lose or Draw) for 1pt
2. Final Score (Must have #1 correct) for 1pt
3. First goal scorer (either team) for 1pt
4. LFC's Total shots on target for 1pt
5. MOTM according to Justin Bieber for 1pt

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