Player ratings: PSG 2-1 Liverpool

Dismal. It would appear we’re taking the first half of games off now and we couldn’t buy a win away from home in Europe this season. Right, let’s get this over with...

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Alisson (7.5) - His best game for us so far and the first time he’s really shown what he’s all about in a shot-stopping sense and he didn’t disappoint. Made a few excellent saves, unlucky the deflection wrong footed him for the first, did well to save the initial effort for their second, nothing he could do about the rebound. Kept the score respectable.

Gomez (4.5) - Sloppy in possession and given a fairly torrid time by Neymar for most of the night. Found himself in some decent positions offensively but final ball lacking. Should have done much better to clear the danger before the first goal. One to forget for Joe.

Lovren (4.5) - Had a point deducted for that ridiculous dive. Like Gomez, was guilty of just standing watching in the lead up to their first goal but more than anything, if there’s one thing I don’t want to see, it’s my centre half taking a huge dive like a big Jessie. Pathetic.

Van Dijk (6) - Not his finest display but at least had a few good moments. Tried to get the team moving forward but he was facing an uphill battle in the respect.

Robertson (6) - Came off the pitch with some credibility at least but lacking his usually clinical final ball. I’m not gonna lie, I quite enjoyed the way he’d clearly had enough of Neymar’s nonsense by the end of the game and just gave him a kick, although it could have been costly. Actually it couldn’t because we were already behind and never really fashioned a chance all night. Defended well in a one on one situation with Mbappe.

Henderson (3.5) - How can this player be our captain? I’ve got nothing but respect for Hendo as a man but he’s a bang average footballer. Here’s a community challenge... Can anyone tell me the last time they thought Hendo had a really good game? Not excellent or world class or anything like that, just better than average? No, me neither.
As for tonight, he shall henceforth be known as ‘Hendo the crab’ as he can clearly only pass sideways. Actually scrap that, he can pass backwards too. My god, if I saw one more backward pass in that first half I would have screamed. Actually I was screaming... Terrible.

Wijnaldum (4.5) - Gini plays a great supporting role in midfield but when you need someone to step up and grab a game by the scruff of the neck, he fades into the shadows. Anonymous for most of the game and put himself on a red card tightrope from early on.

Milner (7) - Easily our best midfielder on the night but that wasn’t saying much. Showed ice cool composure to slot such an important penalty, left a bit on a few of their players too to let them know they were in a game. I was amazed he was subbed instead of Henderson. Gave it a right good huffing and puffing but alas, it wasn’t enough.

Salah (4) - Ran down so many blind alleys. We had a brilliant counter attacking opportunity in the first half, where if he’s played any kind of pass to his left, we would’ve been in a great position. Instead, he tried to dribble past three players and that was the story of his night. I’ve said it before, when Salah doesn’t score, he offers nothing. His dribbling and passing are both terrible.

Firmino (4) - Nothing is working for Bobby just now. He’s one of my favourite players in our squad but our new tactics aren’t suiting him at all in the centre forward role. We could really do with Bobby rediscovering some of last season’s form.

Mane (6) - The best of our attackers on the night. Won the penalty and looked the most likely to cause them trouble but we didn’t get him on the ball in enough decent positions. His form looks to have improved though, since he got his contract situation sorted. Hopefully he’ll have a strong second  half of the season.

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Keita (5) - Injected a whole load of nothing into the team when he came on but he can be forgiven, given the fact he hasn’t played for us in what seems like ages. Difficult game to come on and impact.

Sturridge (4) - Did absolutely nothing.

Shaqiri (5) - Did his best to get involved but was uncharacteristically sloppy with his first touch and passing. Capable of much better but needs to be given more game time.

KloppWatch (5) - Was that midfield meant to provide more control? Because it didn’t. Gomez at right back instead of Trent? We had so much joy down that side with Trent at Anfield because we know Neymar doesn’t track back. Playing Gomez bottled it for me and it backfired as he was rubbish. Klopp must see we need more creativity and it’s time he acted upon it.

The problem here is obvious to me - our midfield. Prior to the game, I called for Fabinho to start and in the first half, we badly needed a ball winner in there as our midfield was embarrassingly easy to pass around. As always, when we face a midfielder of the quality of Verratti, Jorginho, David Silva, we get found out. Our equivalent to them is Henderson... Give me a break. If we’re truly to abandon our pressing game, a midfield playmaker (or three) really needs to be top of our Christmas transfer list.

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I must say however, that was one of the worst refereeing performances I’ve seen (Verratti could’ve been sent off about four times) and PSG’s disgusting diving, cheating, play acting and remonstrating with the referee, was absolutely shameful. PSG and Neymar are made for each other. Vain, shallow, arrogant cheats. There’s few teams I dislike as much as then.

We now have a very complicated game against Napoli where if we win 1-0, that will be enough to go through but if they score, we need to win by two clear goals.

Anyway, on to the Merseyside derby on Sunday. All I have to say is thank god Hendo’s suspended... Walk on.
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