Player ratings: Liverpool 2-0 Fulham

On Remembrance Sunday, our boys remembered how to get back to winning ways but it wasn’t always as comfortable as it ended up being. Let’s see how the lads performed.

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Alisson (6) - Had one dodgy moment where he parried a shot back into the danger area but it was struck quite fiercely and at least it didn’t just go straight through him like we’ve been used to seeing. Other than that, showed good distribution a number of times, especially with his quick thinking in the build up to Salah’s goal. Spectator second half.

TAA (5) - Trent is struggling just now. Perhaps the famed ‘second season syndrome’ is affecting the youngster but things that were coming off for him last season, just aren’t at the moment. Final ball is way off what we know he’s capable of and he’s looked jaded when defending. Could possibly do with a couple of games out.

Gomez (6) - Another solid performance overall from Joe but Fulham did cause some problems in the first half. Played the full 90 minutes so I’m assuming there must not have been much in his reported Achilles injury.

Van Dijk (6) - Dealt well with the physical threat brought by Mitrovic for the most part. We’re used to seeing forwards like Mitrovic bully our centre backs in recent years but there’s no bullying Virgil. Showed some nice distribution at times but was lucky to get away with their offside goal.

Robertson (8.5) - Man of the match display from Robbo. Totally dominated the left side of the pitch. He influences games far more than all our central midfielders combined, which is both a great credit to him and a smear on them. His cross for Shaqiri’s goal was superb. I thought the commentators on BT totally understated it, describing it as a ‘simple ball into the box’ but I didn’t think there was anything simple about it. It was a typically brilliant first time cross from Robbo, that found its target with unerring accuracy. God I love him. His shrine in my house is getting out of control...

Fabinho (6) - Solid display from the Brazilian. He excels at nicking possession from the opposition and seems an expert at one on one’s. Brings a bit more grit to our midfield which has been lacking but I think there’s more to come from Fabinho and once he’s settled in, I think he has it in him to start playing some telling passes from deep, as well as breaking up play.

Wijnaldum (5) - Anonymous. I’m a Gini fan but he has too many games like this, where you wouldn’t know he was playing. In fairness though, he’s played more minutes than anyone else this season and could probably have done with being rotated this game.

Shaqiri (8) - Had a case for man of the match with another fine attacking display. I’ve been calling for Shaqiri to start for weeks and he justified his inclusion with a very well taken goal that killed the game. His composure and technique are exactly what this team needs, as well as being tenacious on the ball. Did his share of chasing today as well, obviously trying to show Klopp that he’s capable of doing the defensive side of things as well. Looks like more of a bargain with each passing game.

Salah (7) - A bit more like last season’s Salah. Drifted in and out of the game but we’re used to that. Looked a threat throughout though and scored the vital first with the type of counter attacking goal that has been synonymous with Klopp’s Liverpool throughout his tenure, but of which we haven’t seen enough of this season.

Firmino (5.5) - Still a way off his best is our Bobby. Still showing some nice skills but yet to hit anywhere near top form this season.

Mane (5) - Awful in the first half. Passing and shooting were both comically bad. Mild improvement in the second half when Fulham gave up but still horrendously inconsistent this season.


Henderson (6) - Helped bring more control in the second half, which became more like a training session.

Milner (6) - Similar to Hendo, just helped see the game out.

Keita (N/A) - Pointless substitution. I had hoped either he would start and Hendo would come on for him around the hour mark, or vice-versa. Especially once we were 2-0 up and cruising, it would have been a good chance to get some game time alongside his team mates in a less pressurised situation. I don’t get Klopp’s substitutions sometimes.

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So, job done as it absolutely had to be.The first half was all too familiar this season. We were winning but we were lucky to be and could just as easily have been losing. We’ve bemoaned our luck in recent years and rightly so but we can have no complaints this season, we’ve had the rub of the green on more than one occasion.

We look a far greater attacking threat when Shaqiri is playing, he simply has to start the majority of games now. I’m also hopeful Keita has settled in a bit more now and will come in and start to make an impact as our midfield could really do with an injection of quality.

Anyway, with Chelsea and Arsenal both dropping points, it’s been a good weekend for us going into the tedium of yet another international break, even if the juggernaut that is Man City is showing no signs of slowing down. All we can do though is keep winning, keep the faith that City will eventually slip up and be ready to pounce on any mistakes they do make.

Just realised I’m going to have to watch Scotland over the international break... What a depressing thought. Walk on troops.
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