P$G v Liverpool

This could be our single most important match of the season so far. It is vital to be able to show that the team is progressing to qualify from the group stages, compete in the FA Cup and be EPL title contenders right up until the very end of the season - hopefully nicking it as the pressure tells on City.

Although we beat P$G in the reverse fixture this time they will be at home and we will need a very disciplined approach (that means you Hendo) and to make the most of the few chances we are likely to have. Ideally, we need to keep them under pressure, quieten down the crowd, score the first goal and then stand firm and take advantage as they become desperate, tired and ragged. At least that is the ideal match as I see it but I would settle for a win of any kind. A draw would be good but would still leave us with the added pressure of having to win the final game against Napoli which would make things very difficult and do my blood pressure no good at all.

I think Klopp will go with his favoured team with Gomez back in defence (if he is fit) and a midfield three of Milner, Gini and to add a calming influence, Captain Hendo.......... With that team we are definitely capable of beating P$G even in their own "arriere cour" (backyard) for all the reasons that Jock gives in his previous article and providing that Liverpool "turn up" with the right attitude.

P$G rely on superior skills to beat teams in their own League and won't very often come up against the intensity or quality of Liverpool at their best and I am not convinced they have the stomach for a 90 + minute scrap. In short, I expect us to be "sur la lune"


and for them to be "malade comme un perroquet".


I have an update on the P$G FFP breaches. If they are found guilty they could be banned from next years CL or prevented from making transfers for a number of years but, in the interests of a speedy resolution the most likely outcome is a good talking to and a large fine to be paid directly into UEFA members offshore Swiss bank accounts and listed as consultancy fees.


After Saturday's match with Watford there is good and bad news for Will Hughes. The bad news is that the Scottish Football Association is seeking to charge him with attacking Andy Robertson's boot with his shin. The good news is that the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts has awarded him an honorary acting degree.

Prediction League bonus points: 
1. LFC’s result (Win, Lose or Draw) for 1pt
2. Final score (must get #1 correct to be eligible) for 1pt
3. First goal scorer (either team) for 1pt
4. Total LFC shots on target for 1pt
5. Biebers MOTM for 1pt
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