Liverpool news: Transfers, best defence in Europe and a nutmeg


Okay first for this news round up is Ousmane Dembele...

Sorry to start things off by dousing what were looking to be exciting transfer flames but as per the official LFC site, Liverpool are not interested in signing Ousmane Dembele. They quote the Liverpool Echo who believe we're actually not interested in signing the exciting France international at all, let alone in January. Indeed our gaffa Jurgen Klopp seems to agree and when asked recently about his January transfer plans he replied:

"At the moment it doesn't look like we will be too busy but it all depends on injuries and things like that. In the moment we have each position twice, three times and sometimes four times covered."

That suggests we'll see very little activity in the January window at all, never mind an £85million bid for Dembele. Mind you we seem to have become much more savvy with our transfers of late and it would make total sense to keep our real intent private.

Could it be that we're quietly going about a massive transfer coup behind the scenes? Signing Dembele would certainly be just that - massive and personally I'd love to see us roll into January off the radar and then, without it first being played out in the press, just announce the deal as being done.

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In other transfer news, could we be about to launch a raid on Fulham?

This is purely speculation and flies in the face of the predicted quiet winter window but it seems a certainty that Fulham will sooner rather than later find the vultures circling their team, with an eye on depriving them of their better players.

Lying rock bottom in the EPL with just five points to date and a goal difference of minus twenty, it would be an incredible feat if Fulham were to avoid relegation and that puts them in a rather tenuous position regards keeping hold of their players. Two in particular, Ryan Sessegnon and Aleksandar Mitrovic seem very likely to be weighing up their futures and certain to be in the transfer thoughts of other Clubs.

Should Liverpool be one of those Clubs?

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We discussed this a bit already on our Liverpool v Fulham match thread and I think the conclusion was it would be very difficult to fit Sessegnon into our squad when we already have Andy, the best dog damn left back on the planet, Robertson. Sessegnon though is a superb player with bags of potential to follow in the same steps as our flying Scotsman and reach similarly high levels.

Sessegnon will surely also appeal to our Club in terms of investment because being a young 'home grown' player, his value will probably sky rocket. That of course shouldn't be a reason to sign him ahead of whether he can actually add something or further improve our team/squad. Undoubtedly he would add something to our squad but would he be happy to perhaps play second fiddle to Robertson? I guess maybe not but that said he's a versatile player who Fulham often utilise further up the pitch and maybe Jurgen would fancy adapting him to a position other than left back.

For info: Sessegnon is 18 years old, has a career total of 92 appearances and 24 goals - pretty good for a left back I think and according to Transfer Markt his current market value is €35million.

Mitrovic on the other hand, a striker, plays in a position we are not as well off in. Well that is debatable depending on how you view Salah and Co and if you feel we actually need a dedicated striker at all. We do of course have Dodgy Daniel (I'm just kidding - innocent until proven guilty) but even without the betting charges hanging over him, it seems highly likely he'll be off at the end of this season when his contract runs out. Plus the fact when you consider his injury record, he simply isn't very confidence inspiring in terms of playing whole matches for us.

Mitrovic is 24 years young, tall at 1.88metres (just over 6ft for those of us who still use proper measurements) He's a right footer and has a total career to date appearance / goals record of 262/103. For comparison Dubious Daniel's record to date is 288/105. I would say that Mitrovic's record compares pretty well there and playing at Liverpool might improve his strike rate further. He's currently valued by Transfer Markt at €25million.

What do we think then all, either player worth a cheeky new year's bid?

Moving on, I bring good news that we now have the best home defence in Europe, which is nice.

The improvement in our defence has been clearly evident for all to see. Jurgen must take huge credit for that along with our new defensive players, as well as new keeper. It's quite remarkable though when you really break things down.

We haven't lost a single home game going all the way back to April of 2017. That's a total of 27 matches undefeated at Anfield and personally I think that's fantastic - of course for all fans but I think it's really something which home match day goers must be loving.

Jurgen seems to have specifically set out to rebuild our Bastion of days gone by. Top stuff and now, after Barcelona suffered a recent shock home defeat to Real Betis, we can proudly boast that our improved defence is officially the longest undefeated defence at home in any of Europe's top five leagues. That's pretty blooming good I feel. So good in fact that we should celebrate with a cheeky nutmeg.

VVD NUTMEG KING from r/LiverpoolFC
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