Liverpool news: Our title rivals about to be given transfer bans?

Could it really be so, Chelsea and other rivals of ours about to be handed out lengthy transfer bans.

Oh I do hope so. Come on FIFA do the right thing for once in your lives and throw the bloody book at them!

Chelsea are allegedly facing a two year transfer ban. Yes you read that right - a two year/four window ban on all transfers. Before further detail though, lets just take a moment to ponder that thought.

Okay, it's difficult to type through hysterical laughter but I shall soldier bravely on...

The facts of the matter, as reported by various sources including the BBC are that Chelsea, a team famed for snapping up all the best transfer market talent only to barely play them, as well as somehow selling many of their 'fit for the knackers yard' players at prices well in excess of what one would think their value would be, have allegedly, been breaking transfer rules.


Well, if there's one thing you can't accuse FIFA of and let's be honest there isn't many things they haven't been accused of, it's being slow and dim witted. Oh hang on no, that's exactly what they are.

What is wrong with these shoddy organisations, an alien could have landed on earth and within thirty seconds had a pretty good idea that Chelsea, among others cough City! were probably worth investigating regards their transfer activities.

As it happens FIFA did eventually realise this themselves and started the current investigation in 2017. So at least after being slow to pick up on the blindingly obvious, when FIFA do cotton on, they then perform the related investigation in a timely manor. Hang on, nope that isn't right either - they take bleeding ages and potentially afford everyone involved plenty of time for track covering and paper trail burning. Not to mention a continuation of the very rule breaching their being investigated for.

After the initial joy these headlines brought I feel a little deflated now but thank goodness the investigation finally appears to be making some headway, and as reported by French website Mediapart: FIFA's integrity and compliance department have recommended that Chelsea receive a two year transfer ban, spanning four transfer windows as well a £45,000(lol) fine.


Good, all's well that ends well then and that sounds like nearly a fitting punishment. Accept for one thing; the BBC article linked above claims to have a source with knowledge of the case who hasn't heard anything about this touted transfer ban whatsoever. Meaning it very likely started life as a figment of somebody's imagination :-\

Anyway, apparently Chelsea, who are allegedly facing said ban due to misrepresenting dates, giving longer contracts than are allowed and also paying rule breaking financial incentives, aren't the only ones being investigated. It's said other topflight clubs are involved as well. Who they might be we can only speculate cough City! but regardless my overall thoughts on the matter are as follows.

Cheating transfer rules is utterly wrong. Apart from being anti-competitive and giving the perpetrators an unfair advantage, it's also potentially ruining the development and careers of the players caught up in such. Very often those are young players, indeed the alleged offences by Chelsea are involving under 18's and in my view this is a downright disgusting abuse of power and wealth, which absolutely must attract an appropriately severe punishment. Including I would suggest compensating the players impacted by it. Lets see what actually happens.
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