Fantasy and Prediction League tables - Game week 12

Morning all, hope you're enjoying the international break. My commiserations to the USA after their shellacking at the hands of three lions last night.

Not sure there are any other results which I can use to take the Mickey and I most certainly wouldn't stoop so low as to use other sports, like the rugby, where Australia recently got shellacked by a mighty Welsh dragon.

Moving swiftly on let's see how everyone faired through game weeks eleven and twelve of the only real competition in town. Which is of course The Liver Bird Nest Fantasy and Prediction Leagues.


No changes at the top in any of the three games but some fellow called Case has closed the gap to a chap called Dabandit in the Prediction League (we're making this look like we've fixed it DB - need to throttle things back a bit;)

Talking of DaBandit, thanks as always for all your hard work in the bonus section. It's added a lot more fun overall and it's just as well we have it because nobody scored a single point in game week 11 on the main prediction game and only a smattering of points were won in game week 12.

Other than that there are a few movers and shakers but nothing too dramatic apart from Salahbrations!!! who caught my eye as moving from the bottom half of the table in Fantasy Football 2.0, up three places, straight into the top half. Nirm that is and though we've not seen him on site for a while (hopefully we soon will) his team is doing rather well. We must put a stop to that immediately.

Just to spur everyone on: though I've not yet established contact with Nivea, don't forget that this isn't just for bragging rights - there are going to be prizes. Those prizes might end up being some partly used packets of rusty fishing hooks, which I have lying about but prizes there will be.

Well played all, as ever let me know if you spot any mistakes and good luck for the next round!
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