Daniel Sturridge charged with breaking betting rules


Lets start by reminding ourselves that people are innocent until proven guilty.

I don't wish to fan flames here, however this is fairly major news and it's right that we discuss it. The fairest way do so is by listing facts only. Then we can speculate wildly on those facts below.

What we know so far is as follows:

  • The FA have charged Sturridge with misconduct relating to alleged breaches of their betting rules.
  • The offence(s) are alleged to have been committed in January of this year when Sturridge began his loan spell at West Brom.
  • According to the BBC Daniel has been charged with breaching two rules - one relating to actual betting and another regards sharing information which was "obtained by virtue of his position" and "is not publicly available"
  • Sturridge has until 18.00GMT on Tuesday 20th November to respond to the charges.
  • The BBC also quote an official statement from Liverpool which says Daniel has cooperated fully throughout and "stated categorically that he has never gambled on football" LFC also say they will not comment further until the process has been concluded.

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I really hope this proves to be a case of no fire where there is smoke because if true then it's just going to bring disrepute to our doorstep and that would be a distraction we could well do without. I also hope it's not true for Sturridge's sake because it would tarnish his reputation directly as well.

Sturridge has been unfortunate throughout his career with injury after injury but as a fan base we've largely tried to emphasise and found it a real pity for a player with so much raw talent. His contract expires at the end of the season though and if found guilty then I feel any respect for his skill and hope for him to remain would surely be lost and subsequently replaced with a shameful exit from not only LFC but likely top flight football altogether.

It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to look at the details and wonder if the loan move to West Brom itself could have been information that was passed on when it shouldn't have been and I fear the FA would not have brought charges without a fairly solid belief in what they were doing. Who knows though and I very much hope it proves to be a massive gaff on their part.

As a separate aside, perhaps now is a good time to really try and take an unbiased, unclouded look at whether we feel Sturridge should remain an LFC player past the end of this season anyway.

Addition: As The Studginator seems certain to now suffer a fair bit of negative press, I thought I'd try to counter that a little with a reminder of what he's contributed to our Club. As well as a refresher of the undoubted talent he possesses. He's given us many a magic moment:

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