Arsenal (Dial Square) v Liverpool

Yes Arsenal started life as "Dial Square"named after a sundial on top of the entrance to the Woolwich Arsenal munitions site where the team started in 1886. They subsequently changed their name to "Woolwich Asenal" then "The Arsenal" then just "Arsenal" before everyone else settled on "Arse". Their team of 2003/4 was known as "The Invinvcibles" but latterly they have become known as "The Inconsequentials"

Ilija has made a special request for the pre-match articles to include even more analysis than I usually provide comparing  strengths and weaknesses, danger men, formations, tactics and  current form etc. So I thought I would start by looking at Salah's new haircut.  Quite ridiculous. I have had more hair than that removed when carelessly doing up my flies and I bet he paid hundreds for it too. Still at least he hasn't lost his dress sense. (Did you know that men are much more likely to be colour blind than women?)

Returning though for a moment to a serious and in-depth  tactical analysis I feel Arsenal will play a 442 diamond formaton with double pivot in midfield and the wingbacks pushing up to operate alongside a false nine. How's that?.  Their main threats will come from Ozil and Aubameyang (if they can be arsed) but their main weakness is the absence of any sort of defence.

Whatever tactics they deploy though they will of course lose and continue to make reparations for the scars inflicted on me in my youth. This came to a head in season 1988/9 (Look it up yourselves - I don't want to talk about it) for which I still hate them more than any other team - yes even more than Utd, Chelsea and City all put together.

The bonus questions for the match are as follows:

1. First goal scorer (either team) 1 pt
2. LFC player with the highest passing accuracy (min 60 minutes) for 1pt
3. MOTM (BBC) for 1pt
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