Arise Sir Kenny, supporting Sean Cox and remembering Bev


Arise Sir Kenny

King Kenny became Sir Kenny this week. An honour that is long overdue given all he’s given to football and beyond. I wrote an article on this a while back so I won’t go over too much old ground but the fact it has taken this long for him to be properly recognised is a piece of nonsense.

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Kenny had highs and lows like few others throughout his career. Unbelievable highs on the pitch as both a player and manager but Kenny’s life in football was plagued by tragedy. He was present at the Ibrox disaster as a fan, the Heysel disaster as a player and the Hillsborough disaster as a manager but it was in the aftermath of the latter that the world truly saw the measure of the man. His super human effort attending all those funerals and effectively leading a city through its worst tragedy in modern times should have been enough for him to be knighted, not least due to the terrible toll it took on him personally.

I fear had it not been for the tireless efforts of Margaret Aspinall and the other brave families who fought for decades to expose the truth about Hillsborough, Kenny never would have received his knighthood. Anyway, better late than never. He may officially be Sir but to us, he'll always be King.

The Scudamore insult

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Right, this takes the bloody biscuit. I nearly vomited all over my work van when I heard the news on the radio that Premier League clubs are all planning on chipping in £250,000 each to give Richard Scudamore a £5 million send off as he steps down from his role.

I mean really?? We’re talking about a man who was earning £11 million a YEAR in his role with the Premier League, he’s not exactly needing help to pay his heating bills in his retirement. It really makes me sick.

There are countless causes out there in every single Premier League club’s local area that could do with that kind of a donation and if Richard Scudamore is anything other than a greedy, money grabbing git (which I suspect he’s not), he should instruct the clubs to make that donation to one of their local causes on his behalf.

In Liverpool for example, both clubs are heavily involved in food banks, just to feed the local community. Think what they could do with 250k.

Supporting Sean Cox

For me, in this sickening display of lavish greed, the spectre of Sean Cox stands tall as well. This is a seriously dedicated fan, regularly making trips over from Ireland to follow his beloved reds and after being attacked outside Anfield, he and his family now face the daunting prospect that he is going to need constant, very expensive care and treatment for the rest of his life. A donation of £250,000 would be a game changer for them. To that end, I’m posting a link to Sean’s ‘gofundme’ page for if anyone wants to contribute to what is going to be a lifelong struggle for the Cox family. Even if we all just donated 50p every now and again, I’m sure over time our contributions may make at least a small difference in that poor family’s life.

Remembering Bev

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Last week was Remembrance Sunday, a very poignant day for myself as it is all currently serving or ex-military personnel and indeed lots of people all over the world, whether affiliated to the military or not.

It’s a time where we take a moment to remember those we have lost and pay our respects so I felt it was only right that we should do the same here as we lost one of our own this year, our friend Bev or LadyLiverBird as she was known on the site.

I remember Bev being funny first and foremost. Her one-liners and cheeky innuendos always brought a smile and a relaxed, happy atmosphere on the thread.

I remember Bev being kind. She had time for everyone, always a friendly greeting and a kind word. I remember one Christmas she messaged everyone on site individually to wish them all a merry Christmas. What a lovely lady.

I remember Bev being brave. During her illness and the horrendous treatments she endured during her struggle, she never complained. She still managed to have a sunny disposition when she was able to join us. A strength most of us couldn’t even imagine.

We remember you Bev. Always missed x

Anyway, apologies for a bit of a sombre thread today. I’ll come up with something a bit more upbeat for tomorrow. You’ll never walk alone troops.
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