We're gonna win the dog damned League and here's why

Article by Ilija.

We're gonna win it because that fucking defence. I mean all the players that should do the attacking bit did it so poorly the entire game - apart from one perfect storm. Key pass there? Our defender. One of six best defenders in the league, Joe Gomez. The other five? Still Liverpool mate.

Alisson is a bloody panther crossed with a Spartan. Screw Can's hair and Lallana's beard - that's how a man looks like. Mean mofo. Then the man mountain Van Dijk. So powerful that when he makes a mistake you just don't know how to score because you expect the whole mountain falling on you to make up for the mistake. And Dejan Lovren was better than him. And Dejan Lovren is a crazy Balkan boy with documented egomaniacal features that doesn't have the balls to yell at Van Dijk. Because Van Dijk made him perfect.

Then you have that maestro Joe Gomez. Impresses the world playing against Spain, Chelsea and PSG on the three highest levels at one position and then switches to another. And nails it. Completely nails it, and makes the only goal happen. And he knows we're not conceding. Because he knows, and we all know that he can go off the pitch and we still have the best defence in the league.

It's mad man Scouse. Playing shite and still be part of great defence allowing some pretty good wingers five big chances. Five. That kid can stop Mbappe and Neymar in the same game. Bench. That kid can score against anyone. Bench. And as if five wasn't enough, we have Robbo. Scottish gentleman. If his ball is going into the box - the keeper fears his own players as much as ours. And the opponent doesn't exist on that side. They either have to be defending because he is constantly ahead of Milner in our possession, or they break through and he catches them easily and regains possession.

We'll win it because we'll just keep on winning. Because we won't concede and always have that one goal. Or five, or three.

Have your say, no in betweens - will we win it or not?

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