Site development

Hey all, just a general update on site related stuff and any feedback you may have is very welcome.

Firstly, Beau's Tavern: It seemed a reasonable idea but after some consideration on the amount of use it's received, I feel that the posts made there would have been better spread over the normal threads. I think the comments would have received more views that way and as a result generated more discussion. If there are no objections, I'll remove the permanent link to Beau's and people should feel free to post any off topic stuff on the normal threads; just as we always have done and in the same way it will continue to create a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Site design/layout: Whilst the current simple, uncluttered look is that way by design, I think there's still room for improvement and at some point we'll have a play around with colours, fonts, graphics etc. Also the idea of changing the overall layout a bit, possibly to a tiled view, has been mentioned among the admin team and feedback from all is invited. If anyone here happens to have a flair for design that would be great. Any help or ideas from the community in any respect are always much appreciated.

Guest articles: I may have mentioned this before but alongside people sending stuff in via email, I had an idea that if any of the admin spotted a comment that looked worthy of creating it's own thread, we could do exactly that - use it to create a new article. Not sure though how folks feel about potentially having their words taken down and used against them. Let me know!

Bringing in new posters: We're not necessarily looking to achieve global domination with our site and are happy for it to have a smaller community with more of a family feel. We will though still need to attract new posters and of course we welcome them with open arms. Social media is one way to promote our site but Twitter and Facebook are not things I know much about. If any of you use them though and can give ideas how we could use them or even just spread the word there a bit yourselves that would be great. Another option is to try and get our site listed on a news aggregating platform such as NewsNow although I believe they are inundated with applications and it will not be easy but we'll give it a whirl. At present we're a little short of the six months up-time required to apply and in the meantime any other ideas or suggestions on this topic are very welcome.

Our dear Lady: It's not something any of us will like the thought of but at some point we have to un-feature Bev's article. My gut feeling is that we're approaching such a time but I would like to leave her page linked; if technically possible by making the mention of her under the site heading a link. If that isn't possible then I'll probably add a few words about her in our 'about' section and leave a link there. I hope her thread can gradually become somewhere folks, both new to the site and old, can occasionally stop by and remember her with a smile and a happiness of knowing such a great person.

Once Bev's thread is un-featured we will have to keep an eye out for any returning site members who may not be aware of the sad news and going forward we can look to promote awareness and hopefully donations to the charities who are doing much needed work to help other suffers of the same illness.


As a heads up - we now have a site email: which people are welcome to use to submit articles or enquiries, and any other ideas, thoughts, wishes or wants for the site in general are always welcomed and appreciated. One idea I have is the possible design of a LiverBirdNest 'app' whatever one of those might be. At the moment though we're still learning to walk and I think apps and the like are for consideration when we reach the huff and puff stage ;-)

Thanks to all the community for helping us get to where we are, I think we've had some fun along the way. Onwards and upwards though, our imagination and will are the only limiting factors on what we can further achieve and by way of shameless self promotion, here's a self shot picture of where we should be reaching for. We have friends in high places, let's make them proud x

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