LFC win Champions League game but have they also lost?

Sorry all not much of an article and if you happen upon it Jock, please don't let it put you off posting a ratings thread if you're working on one. Wrote this as a mid-match post last night but thought better of inflicting it on folks at the time. Also to be fair, it was mostly before we unleashed a can of whoop ass on the oppo and went on to spank them four goals to nil. Who would have predicted that ;-)

Have we gained on one hand and lost on the other?

Okay I might still be a little tipsy from the post match celebrations and I'm definitely too old to be waking up on sofas instead of in beds but I digress...

It's been said a lot lately but it really is a funny old game. Maybe though we need to watch some of last year's fixtures back to see just how differently we actually are playing now, or whether it's our imaginations over-egging things.

Regardless, even if we have changed styles, where do we draw the line in terms of being happy - winning, or, playing mesmerising football? Ideally, we want both in equal measure but thinking of teams who win things, trophies I mean, perhaps the way we're playing now is much closer to most of them than how we were. Or at least how we remember we were last season.

Where do we go from there though, we could say 'well we want exciting, 111mph football' but are we then really saying, 'We don't mind if we lessen our chances of winning stuff, in favour of playing a beautiful game' ?

Maybe we just to need to recalibrate and enjoy the tactical facets more and relish the moments when we do drop it down a gear in games; whilst accepting we have to be more selective with when we do so but knowing that will mean we're actually going to win stuff. Big factor in there though - that being, we MUST then win stuff or else we're just playing less exciting football for no reason/starting to adhere to united's current philosophy.

As it turned out, the longer last night's match went on, the closer we got to our visions of last season's mean bream machine. In fact I think we all turned in/dozed off on the sofa, probably snoring like a fog horn (people say I do but I've never heard it) as very happy campers?

The question(s) is though, are we back yet? Are we back with a brand new beat, and if so, are we happy with that new beat or do we still yearn for the old one?
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