Liverpool v St Mark's of West Gorton Match Thread

Man City started life as a church team St Marks (West Gorton) in 1888 then briefly became Ardwick (yes I know Jay) Association football club before "softening" their stance in 1894 to become Manchester City. Known as the Sky Blues they are one of two top Manchester clubs....... the other being Salford City of course.

Well the big question for this game is will Sturridge start after his "Roy of the Rovers" moment against Chelsea. For our younger readers or those from distant shores, Roy of the Rovers was a footballing comic book hero from my youth and for Jock's benefit I found the following  quote "Roy of the Rovers was as regular to kids of the 70's and 80's as the sun coming up, or the rain pissing it down if you lived in Scotland." More to the point though is whether Klopp will take the injury risk of playing Sturridge from the start when he has already featured in the previous two games. My feeling is he will start his A team - with Sturridge on the bench.

Again I went looking for some dirt on Man City but after wading through page after page it was difficult to pick a single act that stood out from the routine sleaze that stretches from Thaksin Shinaeatra and his dodgy record (and I don't just mean Blue Moon) right through to FFP breaches and fishy sponsorship deals under the current owners.

If anyone is looking to welcome the Man City side to Anfield I have an exclusive picture of the new team coach which they have hired specially for the match from Mou's bus rentals. City have called her Eva.


It is good to see that Mou is hedging his bets and has more than one string to his bow. If his first choice of career doesn't work out for him at least he has a fallback option - he could then put all of his efforts into trying to make it as a football coach.

Today though is all about proving we have what it takes to seriously threaten City's dominance. There would be no better way of doing so than by us hitting back after our first real set back this year and inflicting on them their first League defeat of the season. Pep comes from CAT-alonia, nuff said.


The picture is actually of a Stormer Army vehicle fitted with Starstreak High Velocity Surface to Air Missiles (HVM) - I worked on the support and procurement contract once upon a long time ago ;-)

Prediction League Bonus
1. First goal scorer (either team) for 1pt
2. LFC player with the highest passing accuracy (minimum 60 minutes played) for 1 pt
3. The Beeb's MOTM for 1pt
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