Liverpool v Clwb Pêl-droed Dinas Caerdydd (Cardiff City)

Today we take on the blues. Sorry I mean reds. No, as you were, the blues of Cardiff City. Their nickname is the Bluebirds and the ornithological links don't end there as their owner is bit of a tit and their manager an old bustard.

Their owner is Vincent Tan a Malaysian business man who changed the team colours from blue to red before fan pressure made him change them back again.  Imagine if  FSG changed the Liverpool kit to all blue ;-) Their Manager is Neil "hack n hoof" Warnock.

My family tell me I have a very individual dress sense which I take to be a compliment. This despite, their laughter and asking me if I am taking the dog for a walk when I am in fact dressed up to go out for the night. Mr Tan though has gone one better and has his very own fashion label. In his latest range, the trousers are uniquely sized according to chest measurement and you can see him self modelling a pair in the picture below.

Vincent Tan modelling his chest trousers fashion line

The replica shirts with contrasting collar and sleeves are also available in all the top fashion houses in Wales.  The belt and matching sunglasses are available from ......the 1980s or again all the top fashion houses in Wales.

Anyone with even a passing interest in fashion and of a sensitive nature should probably give Saturday's match a miss. It will be a battle between the shellsuit and the all in one trouser suit.  Whatever the result of the match, fashion will be the loser........

Nice to see another of our players up for an award with Mane nominated for the Golden Globes again this year ......

As for football will we go with the same starting  11 used in midweek? I really hope so. There were signs the team is gelling again and the newbies fitting in well albeit against fairly mediocre opposition. Cardiff will be a sterner test though

PL Bonus Questions
1. First goalscorer (either team) 1pt
2. Total LFC corners 1pt
3. Time of the first LFC sub (+\- 3 minutes) 1pt
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