Keita or Henderson?

There's been a lot of discussion lately regards our midfield and more specifically, our central midfield. Do we really have an issue there which can only be fixed by buying more players or can it be solved by simply selecting our best options. If so what are those best options?

Not many would argue for Salah, Mane or Firmino to be dropped, granted they've not quite hit their stride yet but I don't think there's any question that they're top draw players and we're lucky to have them. Further back in our formation though the Gini, Henderson, Keita, Fabinho equation is more open to debate.

Milner I feel has done more than enough for us all to be happy to see his name on the team sheet. The jury is still out on Fabinho who has barely had any game time and certainly not enough for us to judge him. For the purposes of this conversation we could leave the divisive figure which is Gini Wijnaldum out of the picture and concentrate on just two of our main central midfield options: Henderson and Keita.

It seems to me that the two aforementioned players are more or less in direct competition for a starting berth each match and perhaps Hendo agrees. That could be applying the sort of pressure to perform for his place which he hasn't been under for a while and explain the recent frustration we've seen from him.

At the start of the season, Jurgen went with Keita, he put in some good performances and we were all impressed. Henderson has fans and detractors in equal measure but many seem to agree that when on form he is a very good player for us; is he good enough though - good enough to keep Keita out of the team? Because it seems to be either one or the other and I'm not certain this midfield conundrum is presently all that helpful to us.

Before the season began, I felt confident that the relatively small number of additions we'd made over the summer would not see us enter yet another of the dreaded transitional phases but now I wonder if that hope was a little premature. Do we really know our best midfield. Does Jurgen, and if he doesn't, how big an impact could the necessary team tinkering to find out, have. Enough to give cause for concern? Also there may be a fair argument that the changes in central midfield are having a knock on effect, of the negative kind, further up the pitch.

Not only that but are we in danger of suffering through player disillusion. Henderson certainly didn't seem very happy at being subbed for Keita against Chelsea and probably Keita won't be happy when it's the other way around. Then we have the fact that Henderson is our Captain and a consideration of whether that applies undue pressure to play him.

All of that said, of course it could be the case that we are now blessed with options and the whole thing will work out just dandy. Maybe though we/Jurgen do need to make a choice - Hendo or Keita, who is going to be our best and first choice?
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