Jock’s ‘off topic’ rant of the week: Celebrities and ‘The Law’...

In a week that’s seen Beckham get off with a speeding ticket and civil legal proceedings being opened against Ronaldo for a historical rape case, I’m bloody sick of celebrities completely flouting the law and what’s more, getting away with it!

Let’s start with Beckham. He has admitted driving his £200,000 Bentley at 59mph in a 40mph zone. Fair enough, most of us have probably done similar in the past but instead of just paying the sixty quid fine and taking the three points like the rest of us, whilst making a sheepish apology and some kind of remorseful statement about speeding being wrong and he should know better as a role model... blah blah, what does he do? He gets his lawyers on it, who get him off on a technicality due to the timing of his paperwork being logged or some nonsense like that. I mean really? He then has the audacity to release a video on social media, toasting his lawyer with a £1300 bottle of wine. He should be tried with contempt of everybody, never mind court.


Ronaldo... He has become the latest celebrity to be accused of a historical sex crime, where his accuser says he raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room on 2009. Something obviously happened as he paid her $375,000 dollars in hush money. How has that worked out Cristiano?

Here’s my issue with these kind of incidents as his is far from an isolated case. If you did nothing wrong, why did you pay her off? If somebody accused me of something as abhorrent as rape and there was no truth to it, I would immediately contact police and if I was a celebrity, I would make the allegation public straight away and use all my wealth and power to expose my accuser as a fraud. By paying her off, you look guilty. Saying that, if he’s guilty, why did she take his money? If he was found guilty you’d get far more in compensation than what she settled for and expose a dangerous predator. Reading between the lines, I’d guess that money has run out and now she wants more. It’s a situation where neither party covers themselves in glory. Ronaldo will undoubtably just buy himself out of it again though.

These are far from isolated incidents. In 2001, disgraced peer Jeffrey Archer was sentenced to four years for perjury and perverting the course of justice. He completely flaunted prison rules by attending champagne parties and expensive lunches at fancy Italian restaurants while on day release. There were also a number of other inmates who complained of the preferential treatment he received and these are just the things that were made public.

The biggest farce of all however has to be Lindsay Lohan’s multiple run-ins with the American courts. She has been given numerous custodial sentences and has been released early from jail no less than THREE times due to ‘overcrowding’. One time after a mere 84 hours behind bars. She has broken countless probation conditions including never once attending a court ordered alcohol education programme after multiple DUI’s and going to the MTV music awards whilst having an ankle tag and being under house arrest. A blatant slap in the face to the judge and anybody else would be hit with the maximum custodial sentence the judge had at their disposal but she just keeps getting away with it. She’s even a bloody gutter celebrity, it’s not like she’s talented or important in any way.

The famous and the privileged should be held to at least the same standards as the rest of us, if not a higher standard as so many have major influence over others. It makes me sick that they can pretty much do what they like and it’s about time a judge with some balls, started making examples of them. Starting with Ronaldo...
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