Huddersfield (The Terriers) v Liverpool (Top Dogs)

Yes after the exciting International break (yawn) we are back to the real business and are taking on Huddersfield Town whose nickname is The Terriers. Indeed the dog breed known as the Yorkshire Terrier was first bred in Huddersfield. They are known to be yappy, snappy, crappy little dogs (sorry if anyone owns one - not sorry for the comment of course just that you are unfortunate enough to own one ;-))

People talk about Derbies as being long running feuds between rival teams from the same or nearby Cities and Towns but this particular rivalry crosses County borders goes back much further and runs much deeper. Yes of course I am referring (yet again) to the war of the Roses between the Houses of Lancaster (Lancashire) and York. (Yorkshire) You will be pleased to know though that I have run out of Richard the third jokes which has left me with the "hump". We were on the winning side in those wars though and hopefully we will win this battle too.

I am sure you are looking forward to some of my interesting "facts" about the place but its main claim to fame is that it is the only place in Britain that doesn't have any interesting facts. Wiki lists three famous people from Huddersfield James Mason, Gorden Kaye and Keith Buckley - no me neither. It is though temporary home to a chap making a reasonable living as a Klopp look alike who goes by the name of David Wagner.

PL Bonus Questions
1. First Goal Scorer (Either Team) for 1pt
2. Total Shots on Goal by LFC for 1pt
3. MOTM according to Justin BEIBer for 1pt
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