Fantasy and Prediction Lge tables - Game week 8

Goede morgen vrienden! (is how Simon Mignolet would say: good morning friends!) It's fantasy and prediction time and boy are there some real movers and shakers this week.

Just kidding, I think one or two swapped places but by and large not a whole lot of movement and in fact this was the second Prediction League week in succession where no one scored a single point in the official game. Thankfully DaBandit is doing his sterling bonus point work and a few folks got some points that way.

Well played all, time to sharpen up your games though because I feel I've given you enough of a head start to make it fair when I start now really trying. As one last gift to you though I will share the following correct prediction for our upcoming match against Huddersfield - we're going to beat them 0-4.


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