Fantasy and Prediction Lge tables - Game week 7

Morning troops, feeling a bit lacklustre today so I'm going to have someone say morning properly on my behalf.

Now that's done, it's just left for me to say well played to everyone - a few movers and shakers, and some interesting ties developing. Romper and Dabandit still holding their winning positions in the Prediction League and Fantasy Football Mk1 games so a doff of the cap to them but top dog this week has to go to Tartan who has arrowed himself past Avengers Assemble, straight to the top of Fantasy Football Mk Deux.

As an aside, there were actually no points scored in either the main game or bonus points section of the Prediction League for game week 7, so if the table looks quite similar to last week's, it's because it is. Very similar in fact. Almost identical you might say. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes all and good luck for the next round. Stay frosty!


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