Fantasy and Prediction League tables - Game week 10

Afternoon all, hope you're all having a pleasant one. Here are the latest tables for our prediction and fantasy shenanigans.

These are now updated to include all Premier League and Champions League points for game weeks nine and ten, and a big thanks to DaBandit for his continued hard work in running the bonus point section. As you can see his hard work is being rewarded and he's opened up a bit of a gap at the top of the Prediction League.

We must work hard to catch him because I know he'll be feeling terribly embarrassed about winning a game which he's running and would instead much rather be purposefully a little lower in the table as I have successfully aimed to do. That is just the kind of selfless guys we are.

Other honourable mentions this week are Romper, who is doing just that, romping away with the lead in Fantasy Footie 1 and Avengers Assemble who has reclaimed top spot in Fantasy Footie 2. Well played gents and well played all - lots of points were scored all round. As ever, please let me know if you spot any mistakes and good luck for the next round!
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