Why Liverpool must win the Carabao Cup


Shortly after we'd seen off Southampton and secured our sixth win from our sixth EPL fixture, site regular Romper posed the following question:

'So when do we rest some of our players - this mid week game (Carabao Cup) or next weekend or do the boys even need a rest?'

The general response from people including myself, was that the midweek cup game was the time for us to make wholesale changes and rest lots of our main starting eleven. With the match fast approaching though, I've had somewhat of a change of mind.

I now think we should go all out to win the match against Chelsea and also the EFL competition itself. Here's why:
  • Winning anything breeds confidence and promotes a winning mindset which can only help towards us winning other things.
  • A trophy is a trophy and come the end of the season we want to be looking at as many of them as possible no matter what competitions they came from.
  • It's unethical to purposefully field weakened teams with a view to leaving one competition in order to do better in another. That is how tournaments become devalued in the first place.
  • It's vital that we keep sending out a strong signal of intent to the rest of the league. Beating Chelsea this Wednesday and showing we are ready to compete on all fronts would do that.
  • It's also vital that we keep our winning momentum. A loss of any kind no matter how the competition and associated fixtures are viewed will disrupt that momentum.
  • It's always good to stuff Chelsea.
So that's about it as far as my thoughts on the matter go but now we have a poll link which can be removed, we may as well put it to good use!

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