Player ratings: Liverpool 3-0 Southampton

Article by DBM.

Regarding player ratings I'd simply give all our players a solid 7.

No one really put a foot wrong, no one stood out too much for me (which is a great thing IMO as we looked like a team, not like a pack of individuals)

Everyone, including the substitutes did their job and today it simply felt like having eleven Milners on the field.

Again, we could've scored many more goals and we sometimes tried to play too fancy in front of the goal, when we could've scored already...

The great news is that Salah for once looked really lively. This might have been the kick-start for him this season. We must not forget that he didn't start last season prolifically either and there's a lot of pressure on him right now - physically and mentally.

At the end of the day, it was a positive display with another three points that bring us closer to our ultimate goal.

Still a lot of hurdles on the way, but we're certainly on the right path. What a great day for us!

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*Addition by Case - DBM posted the above as a standalone comment on the match thread, I thought it was a great post and he kindly gave permission for us to use it for a thread. That is something I've been toying with for a while - using posts to create their own threads, more to come on that soon!*
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