Player ratings: Liverpool 3-2 PSG

What a game to kick off our Champions League campaign that was. Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look at how our boys got on individually...

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Alisson (6) - Although he conceded twice, he actually had very little to do. Not much he could have done about either goals. Distribution not quite as good as usual I didn’t think but kept it simple and took no risks. Looks to have learned his lesson from the Leicester game.

TAA (7.5) - Is it dark in Trent’s pocket Neymar? Brilliant display from the youngster, up against the world’s most expensive player. His composure for one so young is exceptional, never looks rattled regardless of opposition. Was a constant outlet for the team all night, helped by Neymar not tracking back at all. Put some decent crosses in throughout and went close with a free kick.

Gomez (7) - Looks more at home beside VVD with every game. Not really at fault for either of the goals and never looked out of place against one of Europe’s most feared forward lines. Lovren is going to have a job on his hands trying to get his place back.

Van Dijk (7.5) - Handled Cavani well and the Uruguayan was cutting a more and more frustrated figure as the match wore on. Also offered quite a lot in the build up and bringing the ball out from the back. Possibly could have done better in the lead up to the second goal but was a little unlucky the way the ball fell straight to Mbappe. Best CB in the world on current form in my opinion.

Robertson (8) - Another brilliant display from the newly appointed Scotland skipper. What a cross for the first goal, that was straight out the top drawer. Marshalled Mbappe brilliantly for the most part and his workrate and energy over the whole 90 minutes never fails to impress. And to think we basically swapped him for Kevin Stewart... If that’s not a mind blowing but of business then I don’t know what is. Is there a left back in world football you would trade Robbo for? On current form, I don’t think so.

Hendo (7.5) - A real captain’s performance. Led by example, showed great game intelligence with some vital interceptions and his pressing and tackling were also spot on. He’s grown a lot as a player in the last 18 months in my opinion.

Wijnaldum (7.5) - Another excellent display from Gini (sorry Timp). The Dutchmen was everywhere,  winning the ball back, launching and joining in attacks. His ball retention is always superb, he’s so difficult to disposess with his strength and skill. He’s raised his game so far this season I reckon and he’s a perfect example of competition for places bringing the best out of a player.

Milner (9) - I’m running out of superlatives for Milner so far this season. He put in yet another man of the match display in my opinion, as he has in arguably every game we’ve played this season. He was everywhere, crunching into tackles, joining in attacks and when you need a cool head to convert a pressure penalty, there are few better. I’ll be astonished if he isn’t offered a contract extension in the not too distant future.

Mane (7) - Mixed game for Mane, as most are to be fair. He looked a threat though and had PSG on the back foot a few times. Decision making at times is still highly questionable though.

Sturridge (7.5) - Sturridge did what he does - scores goals. Such a travesty that we’ve not seen more of this player in his time at the club. Scored one header, should have scored with another and linked the play well at times. Unfortunately for Sturridge, we just lose something from our performance when he plays instead of Bobby so I don’t see him cementing a first team place any time soon. It’s great to have that kind of quality on the bench though.

Salah (5) - Salah’s getting on my nerves a bit. His passing, ball retention, finishing, decision making and dribbling have all been poor for the most part of the season so far but his passing and ball retention in particular have been nothing short of awful. The last couple of games, we’ve been losing possession almost every time he gets the ball and the pass that led to PSG’s goal was nothing short of criminal, especially as he’d done the exact same thing seconds earlier and got away with it. That bottle throwing incident after Bobby’s goal was questionable at best as well. Seriously needs to improve.
I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt that he may still be suffering a bit (mentally or physically) on the back of that shoulder injury but he really needs to up his game and from afar at least, his attitude as well.


Firmino (9) - What an impact he made and scored a brilliant and crucial winner. If we’d drawn that game there would have been a whole load of negativity around the club today, given how the game panned out. Sorry Sturridge but Bobby if fit, is the first name on the team sheet.

Shaqiri (7) - Made a difference when he came on. He’s full of self confidence, he was direct and gave their defence something new to think about. Hoping to see more of Shaqiri in the coming weeks.

Fabinho (N/A) - On the pitch long enough to give away a free kick. Not sure if he actually touched the ball. I actually thought it was pretty poor form from Klopp to make that his official debut. It was a time wasting substitution, he could have used anyone and actually given Fabinho a proper debut. Good to see he does actually exist though.

Another famous European win though and a real statement across Europe. Like Spurs at the weekend, we didn’t just beat them, we totally dominated them from start to finish, apart from a small flurry here and there. There was a big slice of luck involved in both their goals and the first one definitely should have been chalked off for offside. The really exciting thing is that we’re STILL nowhere near our best as an attacking unit but we’re joint top of the league with 5 wins out of 5 and top of our Champions League group having seen off one of the favourites for the competition.

Is anyone else starting to get the feeling that this really could be our year?

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