Match Thread Spurs v Liverpool


And so on to Spurs or Tottenham Hotspurs to give then their full name. There are two theories around how they got their name the first is that it is an anglicised version of a hebrew phrase which translates (very) roughly into "always the bridesmaid never the bride".  This is believed to refer to an inbred tendency to look like world beaters for most of the season whilst ultimately falling short at the final hurdle and making a complete balls of things. This tendency is personified by their Captain Harry "Hotspur" Kane who diligently carries the curse forward in his other role as the England Captain.

The other theory for how they got their name is that they were indeed named after a certain "Harry Hotspur" who was known to have a great fondness for cocks. For most people though that is just too much of a mouthful and they just known simply as Spurs. The supporters of this theory point to the club crest which consists of a cock and ball and coincidentally their current owner is a bit of a cock whilst their manager talks balls.

Spurs have also made a pretty good start to the season and despite a relatively thin squad which will ultimately prove their undoing they will be a stiff test this early on in the season. Liverpool will need to be at their best.......

Once again prediction league bonus points are up for grabs as follows:

First scorer either side: 1 point
First person booked either side: 1 point
MOTM, as decided by the beeb: 1 point

Please post your forecasts under the featured comment on this thread

I will post the teams on this thread about an hour before the game unless someone beats me to it. Always remember too if Jurgen Klopp makes any changes he runs the risk of demotivating players who have performed well and if he does not make changes he is failing to improve the team and/or to give the youngsters a proper chance ;-)
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