Liverpool v St Mary's YMA


Yes today we play St Mary's Young Mens Association otherwise known as the Saints or just plain old Southampton.  As regular supporters will know Southampton was until recently our main feeder club until they forgot themselves and initially refused to release one of our developing players, a certain Virgil Van Dijk the nephew of Dick the famous cockney/yank hybrid chimney sweep. Eventually however they saw sense and let him join us for a  peppercorn fee.

Southampton's first shirt sponsor was Rank which is why they could never have Roy Hodgson as their manager. Though, coincidentally their most famous manager was a certain Mr Bates who, in his youth, was known to be a keen boxer and reportedly even wore his boxing gloves to bed.  This long standing and unfortunate association (habit?) is continued to the present day with their current manager ex Manu player Mark Hughes who is also a banker - to get them relegated. Yes history is yet again repeating itself yet again repeating itself. The RMS Titanic sailed from Southampton on its ill fated  maiden journey and now some 112 years later it seems their football club might also be slowly yet inexorably sinking into the dark and icy depths of Championship waters.  But hopefully not before they give us the first three of six points this season ......

Once again prediction league bonus points are up for grabs as follows:

1. First goal scorer either side: 1 point
2. Total number of LFC corners: 1 point
3. MOTM (according to the Beeb): 1 point

Please post your forecasts under the featured comment on this thread - yes I mean you!!! You know who you are ;-)

I will post the teams on this thread about an hour before the game unless someone beats me to it.
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