Match Thread Liverpool v PSG


Tonight we play PSG in the first group stage match of the Champions League. PSG are a great old French side that can trace its roots all the way back to a time before fashion was invented. I refer of course to the 1970's (long hair, perms, tank tops and loons - fortunately offset by some great music). Hell, I have underpants that are older and classier than PSG though both carry with them the unmistakable odour of fish.

Despite fairly average ascendancies they are one of the richest clubs in the World and through some "innovotive" sponsorship deals  also have one of the biggest annual incomes (can you smell that?). They have been in breach of FFP rules previously and are once again under investigation though they will in all probability come up smelling of roses (fleur de poisson)

The club crest originally featured a fishing boat (I know)  but after a ticketing scandal was replaced by a more patriotic symbol of a heap of rusting metal known as The "I fail" tower. This tells you all you need to know about their chances in the CL this year or, for that matter, any other year. The club anthem is sung to the tune of "Go west (young man)" by the village people - you might think I make this stuff up but I swear on Ramos' life it's all true.

Ahead of the game LFC have taken the unusual step of suspending watering of the pitch as they are concerned about possible flooding when Neymar bursts into tears after being chased all over the pitch and tackled by Robertson - OK I might have made that bit up.........

Finally here are the Prediction League Bonus Questions for the PSG game tomorrow. 
1. LFC's result (Win, Lose or Draw) for 1 point
2. Exact Score (Must have #1 correct to be eligible) for 1 point
3. First Goal Scorer (Either team) for 1 point
4. Time of First Goal (+/- 3 Minutes) for 1 point
5. Total Number of Saves made by the LFC goalie for 1 point
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