Liverpool v The Pensioners

Yes next up we have Chelsea in the Carabao cup. Chelsea, otherwise known as the pensioners (less so though since Lampard and Terry moved on)  No to be serious for a minute it was the original nickname of the club in  honour of the ex soldiers  known as the Chelsea Pensioners who live in the nearby retirement and nursing home. This was from the days when Chelsea still had some class. Yes it was a long time ago.


The other name for Chelsea is of course Chelski and it took many years for Chelsea to find a deserving owner worthy of the hard won reputation of its boot boy fan base but they finally managed it with Abramovich. A match truly made in hell.

Yes we might have Chelsea but I don't think we will have the blues. I fully expect us to win out at home despite probably fielding a few more squad players and youngsters.  I expect Chelsea to do the same which should make for a very interesting matchup.

Like Southampton (see previous match thread)  Chelsea also had an aptly named  Mister Bates in charge of their club for a while and when he "splashed out" on a re-development the club nearly went under. The  good thing about it though was that the supporters bought the club name, the  ground and turnstiles which protects them somewhat from Abramovich and any other would be developers. It is just a shame other clubs' supporters were not able to do the same.

I will set you a little quiz now. Which club is most hated by the supporters of other premier league clubs. Which club, presumably in response to the "not me" campaign,  has appointed John Terry as President  of their woman's team ?  And which club insists their former players wear their football kit under their suits just in case they are ever needed.?   I expect some of you might have worked them out but, just in case Mo turns up, I will  post the answers once the match has started ;-)

I am already looking ahead to the next match thread, Now who are we playing next?........

Prediction League Bonus Questions
1. LFC's Result (Win or Loss) for 1 point
2. Exact Score (Must get result correct to be eligible) for 1 point
3. First goal scorer (either team) for 1 point

As always you predictions must be attached to the featured post of the match day thread. Good luck.
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