Liverpool player of the month - September

Very much what it says on the tin this one: Liverpool player of the month, who was it and why?

In case people hadn't noticed already we are now able to run polls and I likes me a good poll! (no Jay) So have at it - vote for the player you feel played best in September and after casting your vote, leave the reasoning behind your choice.

Personally I voted for Mignolet and the reasoning is clear and obvious: he is always MignoletOfTheMatch.

If I was forced to choose another player for the second best spot though, then it would be James friggin Milner because he has shown the youngsters the way forward, and as an old-ish duffer myself that's been pleasing to see.

Milner has also shown courage, heart and an unshakable dedication and will to win. Exactly what it's going to take from all our players to win the league and exactly what any player who is lucky enough to wear our shirt should be showing every single minute they're on the field.

I've only included players with sufficient game time or impact that I think people may want to vote for them. As such, players like Clyne, Lovren and Fabinho miss out but I can make additions should anyone wish. I'd also like to include this link to a similar poll on the official LFC site which folks may like to vote in as well.

This poll is bound to be close, all of our players have done well as reflected by the fact we're joint top of the table. As you can see though I've presented things in an unbiased, neutral and fair manor, and not tried to influence the outcome in any way.

We have many good players but today there can be only one winner, the question is, which Mignolet will it be?

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