Liverpool in the Carabao Cup, what went wrong?

Right then, though we'd all happily forgotten such a thing existed, we have ourselves a defeat to discuss and discuss it we shall.

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First thing's first - we were robbed. Genuinely. There was a foul which wasn't a foul and a factually incorrect VAR decision by a ref which smelt pretty foul.

There was a small amount of contact from Keita on Moses but so what? It's not a non contact sport, and there the ref makes his first mistake in giving a free kick for extremely minimal contact which didn't merit one.

Then the free kick itself - the ball is played in by Hazard and headed by an offside Barkley. Granted he was only just offside but thankfully VAR was there to save the day by providing clear irrefutable proof of such and at the same time also show clear visual proof that Alvaro Morata and Cesar Azpilicueta were stood in offside positions blocking our players as well.

So thank dog for that and with the goal disallowed we went on to win the match, sorry, what I mean is what a complete arse Kev the ref is for managing to still make an incorrect call and give Chelsea a footing back in the game, certainly this particular ref is no Friend of ours :-\

The next thing to go wrong was that Eden Hazard became hazardous to our defence and scored a worldie. Not much to say about that, other than well played Eden. An undeniably world class player doing what world class players do. However, I think Jurgen has to shoulder at least a little blame for changing not one, not two, not three but all blooming four of our defenders, plus our goal keeper.

Yes we have players such as Virgl who are carrying knocks but did we really need to change our entire defence? I don't think so.

So was that it, just the ref and Jurgen's line-up that did for us or were there other factors? Such as Daniel Sturridge failing to find the back of the net four or five times in the first half. No I don't think we can blame him at all for that but missing an open goal in the second half was not what you'd really expect and as such he has to share a suitable amount of the blame.

Last but not least we have Shaqiri-gate to consider: what was with all the yelling from Klopp at the end? According to Jurgen he was 'speaking' to Xherdan about why he hadn't taken the free kick in the last few minutes of the game and as instructed, played the ball out wide to Salah, who had found himself some space to the side of Chelsea's wall and could possibly have then had a one vs one with the Pensioner's keeper. What happened instead was that Jordan Henderson took the free kick, floated it into the box and nothing came of it.

Likely Shaqiri and Co simply didn't hear Jurgen's instructions and to be honest, I think the way he stormed on to the pitch and started ranting was out of order - for the second time in not very many days he's mistreated Shaqiri and probably put his nose out. That's the kind of thing you'd expect from Mourinho and not good management.

Did I say last above? what I meant was nearly last because we haven't yet considered how poorly Fabinho played... Ah well, maybe we don't have to and should instead try to use last night's defeat as a lesson we learn from and then get straight back to winning ways by avenging ourselves against Chelsea this Saturday, and I'm sure that is exactly what we will do. Onwards and upwards.
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