Article by Timp.

Have you ever been convinced by someone, maybe a salesperson that you truly want something. You may have done something that you thought was instinctive, or even made a choice entirely out of character that you thought was your own idea. Could it have been that the idea was planted in your mind?

If you have seen the film Inception you might think that planting an idea in someone’s mind is a difficult thing to do. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't however from my experience in life there has been many a time I have thought yes that was my idea. On reflection that idea turns out that it was more beneficial to someone else and I wondered was that my idea or did someone plant that (wife).

Is this just simple reverse psychology, if you use this then it always needs to be subtle. Getting someone to do something can be hard if you know they might not want to do it, so you need to make them believe it was their idea. Slowly but surely you must offer the target a series of clues until the obvious conclusion/ idea is the one you want and the seed is sown. If you are patient and take it slow the idea will form naturally in the targets mind all by itself.

Loris Karius says he had to convince Jurgen Klopp to let him go.

It has been well documented Loris’s past year the highs (too few to mention) and the lows (too painful to list).

The German stopper joined the Turkish side on Sunday on a two year loan deal with an option to buy at the end. Karius believes the move is best for both parties but he insisted he had to convince Klopp to let him leave the club. ‘I think it was a good deal for everyone. He wished me well but he said he would have liked to keep me’.

‘I'm still young for a goalkeeper, I want to make the next step and hopefully win many titles with Besiktas’.

Was this Dom Cobb, sorry Jurgen Klopp at his psychological best?
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