Fantasy and Prediction Lge tables - Game week 4

Hola amigos! Sorry for the delay but here are the updated tables for our fantasy and prediction malarkey and a big thank you to DaBandit for collating the Prediction League bonus points.

Well played to this week's top dogs, Joe, Denny and my humble apologies for not being certain who Avengers Assemble is but nevertheless, very well played to you too!

As ever please let me know if you spot any mistakes - I'm relying on you in particular to check your overall Prediction League scores as we go, because now we've tweaked things a little, we have separate component points which make up our totals and I can't check those back against official game totals, as such a thing doesn't exist. All should be accurate though/I have temporarily nudged myself down from 1st to 2nd to make you all think it's likely to be accurate ;-)

Not long to go now until the drudgery of the international break is over and we take on Tottenham's hot Spurs in our next title winning fixture, so get your prediction and fantasy pencils sharpened in readiness for the next round... Good luck!
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