Chelsea v Liverpool Match Thread

Yes just for a change we are playing Chelsea but this time in the League and this time at their ground Stamford Bridge. After having the Carabao cup stolen from our grasp on Wednesday I am expecting an almighty battle on Saturday as we seek revenge and there is no better place for it either. Stamford Bridge has been the site of more than a few historical battles including the one which led to the war of the Roses and ultimately Richard III becoming a speed bump in a Leicester car park - if only more of our Royals were as functional.

Unfortunately, that particular Stamford Bridge is a completely different one in Yorkshire which makes all of what I have written so far totally irrelevant but since when did accuracy or relevance feature in any of my ramblings? In fact the only genuine link I can find at all is that Richard the third is cockney rhyming slang for Roman Abromovich.

Chelsea's Stamford Bridge actually took its name from a crossing over Stanford Creek which was one of the many tributarys of the Thames which used to run above ground across London but which now all run underground. There is nothing in the official records to indicate that this was the original source of the term "up shit creek" but that is surely where Chelsea will deservedly be when they lose both their paddle and the match on Saturday.

I expect some of our less than imaginative sports writers will lazily make out that this match is all about some sort of personal showdown between Salah and Hazard. Throws down water bottle in anger/disgust/frustration/relief/delight (delete as appropriate)

I look forward to some very quick freekicks from Liverpool......


Updated prediction and fantasy tables for game week six:

Prediction League Bonus Questions:
1. First Goal Scorer (Either team) for 1 point
2. Total Shots on Goal by LFC for 1 point
3. The Beeb's MOTM for 1 point
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