We're gonna win the league


We're gonna win the bloody thing, and here's why - By Ilija

We're gonna win this bloody thing, and Keita is the reason why. Because he can make things happen out of nothing, and he is supported by that alien with the number 10 on his back, and the best left back in the world. We'll win it because the second best CB of the World Cup is missing, as are two more central defenders, yet the guy who comes in on that position has probably seven touches by the 80th minute. And he's paired up with an absolute beast whom opposition tried fouling by the end of the match, but couldn't even do that. And because we have a keeper attackers can't even test, and who makes two silly passes, yet we're all certain (including him most importantly), he won't cost us a goal- let alone points.

We'll win it because our amazing skipper gets a shift off and is replaced by a vice-captain with 15 stitches in his head and who huffs and puffs an assist out of thin air in the dying seconds of the first half. We'll win it because he is paired with our 4th best central midfielder who is capable of a pure 5-star performance albeit missing clear chances, and he can do it against West Ham or Real Madrid.

We'll win it because you just know Salah will score, and you just know that Firmino will have a day off whilst stopping 3 out of 8 of the opposition's attacks. And because you know what happens when he doesn't have a day off, and that is 99% of the time. Because you can throw one of the fastest and strongest wingers at your opposition at the moment when they are struggling for air. And we'll win it because you can sub on a guy who can find the back of the net without breaking a sweat. And because you have a Scouser to hit it from the free kick, not caring he over-hit all of his crosses up to that point.

We'll win it because apart from all of that we have experience, passion, youth on the bench- and outside the match day squad. We'll win it because no other set of supporters want it more, and the team feeds off of that.

We'll win it, and you should believe it. It will be sweeter once you do. I'm not saying I'd die for my team, but I'd be willing to go into an extended coma. And Trent knows that, and he would too.

Let's win this bloody thing.
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