Our beautiful friend Bev x

All, it is with the heaviest of hearts that I write. I am so so sorry to bring you the following news but sadly Bev has passed away. I do not have much detail except to say, I believe it was two to three weeks ago and looking at her last comment here, I think it likely that the bad news she mentions, was perhaps that she had returned to a condition of palliative care and shortly afterwards the worst has now happened.

Please do not view this as any sort of eulogy because it will only fall short and for that I apologise because Bev deserves so much more. I can write a rousing pre-match article but I could sit and type for all of eternity and never get close to conveying what a truly beautiful person our Lady Liver Bird was. Nor could I ever get close to describing the injustice of the cards life repeatedly dealt her and her family, and I could never get close either, to describing just how bravely Bev tackled them all, whilst always remaining the very sweetest and kindest of souls. With the most joyful of dispositions.

What Bev did throughout those unimaginably hard times is carry right on smiling and making other people smile. While at the same time refusing to do anything other than stick two fingers up to the wickedly cruel illness that she was battling against and nobody could have battled harder.

That lovely character made it impossible for any one not to instantly take to Bev and when you add in her wicked sense of humour, sharpness of wit and ceaseless positivity and optimism, it was and still is, impossible not to love her to bits. She also had an adorable, wacky and slightly accident prone side and speaking as a gardener - the moment she told me she had once filled her lawn mower up with water instead of petrol, was the moment I knew I loved her. It still makes me smile too, to picture her bombing down hills before then clattering through fences, fields and hedgerows as a young Lady Liver Bird with a motorbike. Although I understand she gave everyone quite a fright but no one could stay angry at such a sweet angel, and that's just as well, because we know, Bev knew how to be mischievous - in a nice merriment making kind of way.

This news is simply devastating but we must all try hard to always remember the good and happy times, as well as all the laughs which we shared with our lovely Lady along the way. And there have been many, stretching back years and spanning across both here and our previous forum. This site is named in her honour, I will not say after her because that would be wrong. It was and still is, named as a celebration of a fantastic person, who embodied everything it means to be a Liverpool fan but much more than that, everything it means to be a good human being. We must also keep this site and it's community strong - that is what Bev would want.

On behalf of us all, I would like to express our heartfelt condolences and sympathies to Bev's family. We know she has three wonderful children and whenever she spoke of them, it always shone through in spades, just how very proud of them she was and the same goes for all of her family. Without doubt too they must be proud beyond measure of her. They must also though, sadly, be in unimaginable amounts of turmoil and distress. I think we have to be mindful of such and try to keep things as private as possible. I know that sounds a little daft, being that I'm posting this on a website but I know too that Bev would want our little community to know and that everyone here will want to express their thoughts. It's not really for us to be spreading the news wider though if we can avoid doing so.

At some stage, I am hopeful we will be able to put something together, to better express our best wishes directly to Bev's family and also to offer our support should there ever be anything we can do. Fund raising and such like has been mentioned before for example but right now, I think what they will need is to be left undisturbed during such extreme grief. Having said that, should any of Bev's family happen upon this, my email is 7gonefishin6@gmail.com and please, please say if there is anything which you would like removed or altered from this page, or the site for privacy, or even anything you'd like to be added. The other thread where people have recently been leaving their well wishes is here Our beautiful sweet Lady

Hopefully I've not written too many words already but as above - there will never be enough to do things justice and as a typical bloke, I've wimped out and left the hardest bit to last: I wanted to say a few words to you, Sweetpea. I've said them before and I know you know how I mean them. I worry though that it may grate with others and I can understand if people were to think 'who is this wally, he's never even met Bev' but I never needed to. I never expected to. I never wanted for reciprocation of any kind but just to be nice to you and not in a romantic way do I talk of love but as a friend who just wanted to listen when times were hard and to try and make you smile as you do to others.

The same as everyone, I have also hated this illness causing you to suffer and just wanted so very much for you to get better and return to happier times with your family. I have been inspired by the courage and strength which you showed throughout such tough times as well and it is bitterly saddening that what we all prayed so hard against has happened.

I know now though that you are with those whom you have missed so dearly and it is as I said before, up there - time goes super quick, quicker than anything we can imagine and while you are looking over your loved ones down here, you must be sure to make plenty of mischief up there. Plenty of dancing and singing too, for in the blink of an eye, you all will be reunited. I know you will be keeping an eye on us as well and with us every bit of the way as we win that league - we won't let you down Bev, we will sing louder and prouder than ever.

God bless my darling Lady, I love you with all my heart. You will always remain in my thoughts and prayers and never will you be walking alone x
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