Match Thread Leicester v Liverpool

Next up it's little Leicester (the Foxes, Fiberts or Fossils) not the sort of team likely to win the League (if they ever do I will write the very next match thread wearing only my long johns - steady Jay) but they are always a tough challenge especially on their own ground.


Now, I hear you asking what is Leicester famous for? (speak up). Well the answer is not a lot really apart from being pretty much in the middle of England. However, King Richard III of England, who died in 1485 in a row over some flowers that got a little out of hand was found there buried under a car park. Why they chose to bury him under a car park no one seems to know but no one can argue that they showed an amazing amount of foresight in realising just how lucrative car parking charges would become several centuries later. Better at predicting than even the mighty Jock ;-)

Is JK going to confound everyone and pick an unchanged team? Tune in later to find out when I post the teams about an hour before the match ........

To spice things up a bit DaBandit and Case are going to add some bonus points to the prediction league as follows:

First goalscorer (either side) 1 point
First player booked (either side) 1 point
Time of first LFC substitution (within +/- 3 minutes) 1 point

So get your predictions in on this thread (though you still need to add your predicted score on the prediction league - link above)

Come on Liverpool 0-2, Van Dijk first scorer, Keita booking and Jurgen to make his first sub in the 63rd minute.
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