Match thread: Crystal Palace vs Liverpool


Article by Kal.

Welcome you Reds. Before I start let me just thank everyone who has made this site and community possible. I love the direction this community is going and how positive and optimistic this site is, although I am not sure what we have done to irritate the greatest heavy weight of all time.

If you are here early you can get on the prediction league (there is a button somewhere) if you are here late you can skip down to the comments.

Tonight, sees a trip down to Selhurst Park to play Liverpool B. A reunion with an ex-manager and several ex-players with a point to prove. Our koala hugger who moves like a baby giraffe will be out to prove he can defend. Benteke will be out to regain his Liverpool form after a frankly disastrous season last year. There will be a warm welcome for ex-academy prospect Kelly and hopefully for Hodgson as well. It didn't work out for him and the image of his face palm whilst on our bench stays with me but should not detract from him generally being a decent gent. There are also several new signings who could get a run out tonight including championship manager super signing Max Meyer.

There is plenty of intrigue and history in this game and Palace are coming in buoyed by a decent first result and some good signings, none more so than holding on to their jewel in the crown Zaha. Palace away is a hard game and we can expect a low block with Palace hoping to get a quick counter attack or using Benteke to get something from a set piece.

For these reasons I honestly don’t see us scoring more than 5.
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