LFC 4-0 West Ham 'Keeping it Real-ism' player ratings

After an excruciating 77 days of waiting, we finally have meaningful football back in our lives and the boys didn't disappoint as LFC simply took apart West Ham 4-0 at Anfield. While we still showed a little bit of rust in our game and we weren't as sharp as we have witnessed in the past, we were simply head and shoulders above our opponent and the scoreline could have been much worse for our opposition if not for some heroics from Fabianski.

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I'll try and put together a very quick 'Keeping it real-ism' player rating article after most games, but I can't guarantee it for all games. Anyways here goes, oh and keep in mind that this is just my assessment and could be very off as I'm generally distracted a little typing on the match thread. ;-)

BEV (11) - No explanation required.

Alisson (7) - Wasn't asked to do much today but we got a glimpse of his distribution skills as he almost sprung Salah on a couple of occasions. Did have one bad moment when he misplayed a little loop pass, which caused some panic for our defenders.

Robertson (7) - Bombed down the wing multiple times and as per usual his crosses were very dangerous and extremely tough to deal with. Should really get a 9 or 10 every game he keeps Moreno on the bench, but I digress.

Gomez (6.5) - Did well coming off a slight injury. Misplayed a long ball over his head, which is not the first time and something he needs to improve on. Didn't cost us today but making those type of mistakes against a Man City will see us punished.

Van Dijk (8) - A pure class performance by our most important player, never put a foot wrong. His calming presence allows our midfield and forwards to go and attack.

TAA (7) - Our movement and flow just seem so much better when TAA is playing at RB compared to when Gomez or Clyne are there. While his crosses were off a couple of times today, his movement and ball skills going forward up our game big time. Very unlucky not to score on a fabulously taken free kick.

Keita (8) - Considering how little time Naby had been in this team makes it even more impressive as to how good he is. Great driving runs and ball distribution throughout the game. Picked out Robbo nicely which started the first goal. So excited about Naby, because while he played well, I believe he will only get better as the season goes on.

Wijnaldum (7.5) Loads of energy and pace throughout the game and he's excellent positionally. Should have done better in and around the box when he could have gotten a shot off but for a poor first touch.

Milner (8.5) - Another day, another assist, plus the non stop hustle and drive didn't hurt either. Just another day at the office for JM7, one word to sum up his performance 'professional'. Looked cool with the black rugby headband to boot. ;)

Salah (8) - Quite simply a fantastic footballer who's pace and skill terrify opposing defenders, as well as open up space for his teammates. His blistering pace kept West Ham's defence on the back foot all day. Scored his first of hopefully many more this season, but really should have scored a second.

Firmino (7) - Still not back to full fitness and his timing is a little off after coming back later then others from the World Cup. But Bobby worked tirelessly throughout and with a little luck could have had another assist today.

Mane (9) - Seemed to be around the ball all day long and controlled left side of the pitch flawlessly. Scored twice and while his second was offside, its not his job to make the offside call, his job is to put the ball in the net and thats exactly what he did. Any talk of Mane being not quite right should be far in the rear view mirror, as he's seems as dangerous as he's ever been.

Henderson (6)
Shaqiri (6)
Sturridge (8) - One touch, one goal. More of that please.
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