Halting The Wheels of Progression


Article by Timp.

Who are these faceless people opposing the development of the Anfield Road End, therefore indirectly oppressing the financial development of LFC. Is this a disgrace and very short sighted of a tiny minority of people who live in the area, or are they justified with their objections.

This week LFC had submitted two planning applications to the City Council, one to hold music concerts and two to hold other major sporting events to be held at the ground.

The two planning applications were not favourably received by the council’s planning committee and the applications were deferred.

The opposition to the proposals came from a handful of local residents who live in the vicinity of the stadium and they were backed by local councillors Ian Byrne, Adele Dowling and Billy Marrat.

The residents through the councillors cited that the proposals would affect resident’s lives with noise, parking and anti-social behaviour, and they feel they put up enough with the football season.

One of the residents stated ‘May to mid-August is the only peaceful respite we have, I don’t want that taken away from us’.

Although LFC have tried to reassure local residents that there would be little impact on those living around the stadium, it has fallen on deaf ears.

A future decision will be taken on these proposals but the club are not confident after the recent ruling.

Are these residents being unreasonable, should the club relocate and compensate them. Or is this a case of Halting the Wheels of Progress?

Source: Liverpool Echo.
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