Fantasy and Prediction Lge tables - Game week 3

G'day mates. Here are this week's prediction and fantasy shenanigans laid out in table form for you all to ponder in amazement.

Okay, it's not quite as godly a sight as Jaimie's life size Adam Lallana deification statue used to be but nevertheless, in terms of LFC related games, they just don't come much better, or do they? Can you better best? Well we are about to try by adding some additional components to the Prediction League.

Starting from the next match day thread there will be a featured comment with some extra questions for everyone to try and predict. Nothing too hard, just things such as how many yellows cards, who will score the first goal, how many corner flags, etc.

More points will be up for grabs and it will hopefully add a bit more fun into the mix as well. For now though here are this week's standings. I've included a full version of the Prediction League for those who are doing all the matches and as ever, if you spot any mistakes, please let me know.

Well played all! some movers and shakers and of course I am still finding the Prediction League to be the best measure of someone's football game guessing nous. Whilst on the subject of well played, I'd like to say a collective thanks to all of the admin and mods working hard behind TheLiverBirdNest scenes and also a bit of an apology to them all from me. We all know I can be a bit of a piddington at times and my overly emotional, slightly soused correspondence of late, hasn't been the most helpful, so sorry to all concerned.

All the best peoples and good luck for game week 4!
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