Fantasy and Prediction Lge tables - Game week 2

Howdy partners, just a brief article to list the current standings in our various fantasy and prediction leagues. I've made the relevant adjustments to the Prediction League table to show just the LFC game points, as a few players weren't aware we were only predicting our own matches.

Being that I'm not winning either of the two fantasy games, naturally I don't have too much to say about those but do feel it's vitally important, we all agree and recognise, that one's standings in the tables bears no relevance to one's actual ability.

Personally when looking at things, I can only conclude, that our names have been randomly thrown together in some sort of higgledy piggledy fashion and there also appears to be some numbers randomly attributed to each of us as well. Very shoddy.

Here are the latest tables for you all to look at and lets just hope that the sites running each game soon get their acts together, and reorder the standings more suitably in the future. Ideally, as per the Prediction League, which appears to be being run much more professionally.

Apart from the obvious shortcomings already mentioned, if anyone spots any errors please let me know and I'll adjust things accordingly. Good luck to everyone for the next round!

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