Beau's Tavern

Welcome all to a place set aside for friendly non-footie debate, general tomfoolery and also somewhere to get creative and list any ideas you may have for articles and site improvement.

No rules on what you can post here other than to try and keep in line with the general comment policy and also to keep in mind the potential age of some of our readers.

Further to that I'd also say that one of the nice things about football is it transcends all normal cultural considerations and as such we have a fantastically diverse community, from all four corners of the globe. Some of our views are bound not to align but as said, football doesn't care, and neither should we. So if a topic is likely to offend, let's leave it at the door. Music, TV, film etc - all good.

Of course too, part of the charm of our site is it's relaxed nature, which very often sees threads meander off topic and that should continue exactly as it is. This place is really just an after hours overflow spot and talking of the wet stuff - first drinks are on the house. Cheers!
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