Welcome to Liverpool FC... Fábio Henrique Tavares (Fabinho)

Hey all,

This won't be the most in depth of articles but I felt we should have one for each new player that we sign and don't think anyone has done one for our latest addition, Fábio Henrique Tavares. Otherwise known as, Fabinho.

A few rudimentary's: Born in Campinas, São Paulo, we can proudly welcome another Brazilian to our ranks (you can never have too many;)

Fabinho is 24 years old and plays as either a Right Back or Defensive Midfielder. Hang on, a what now? a deeefensive midfield er. Hmm not sure that is something we need or that our manager Jurgen Klopp would ever use, or is it?

His total career stats read as follows: Apps 264, Goals 33. Which actually for a DM isn't all that shabby. By way of unlikely comparison, Javier Mascherano, a DM with which we are all familiar has the following totals, Apps 595, Goals 5.

I haven't seen Fabinho play before, so do not know what percentage he has played at RB vs DM and also am not sure how Jurgen will utilise him, perhaps people can chip in with their thoughts.

One thing seems clear though - we've signed ourselves a very promising young Brazilian with an already great record and years of further improvement ahead of him. Add that to our already formidable team and we've every reason to believe in a title and cup winning future, which is nice.

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