Prediction and Fantasy Leagues

Morning troops, I thought now seemed as good a time as any to provide a brief update on the fantasy and prediction proceedings.

Both games are tight at the top and have provided some welcome relief from the drudgery of the off-season. The prediction league in particular has really caught on. I think we'll see an increased uptake for an EPL based fantasy league once normal service is resumed and also, we can look to get both types of game up and running a little earlier, to give everyone plenty of time to join.

With just four World Cup matches left to play, this is how the tables stand. I haven't highlighted myself, it just does that when you log in. I wish it didn't.

One observation - looking through the participants, I realise we haven't seen some of them for a while and I hope that is because they've been busy sunning themselves at the beach and generally enjoying the summer with family. It will be great to see everyone back and posting though.

The other points of note - very well played Tom, Next-Men and Judgernaut - it's still all to play for in the fantasy league and the same to Stu, DaBandit and Co in the prediction game. Tight at the top in that one too, top bombing Sirs. The real skill though, as I'm sure Jock will agree, is to aim for and achieve the target of being on precisely 82 points.

So, with just a few games left to decide the World Cup winner; games which seem certain to throw up plenty of surprises, the question is this: Who will win the tournament, who will win our games and who framed Rodger Rabbit who the blooming 'eck is Tipsydudl.
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